What are the alternate treatments for HIV?

What are the alternate treatments for HIV?

Many people with HIV or AIDS use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

A combination of CAM with traditional medical treatments improves the overall health and well-being of an HIV patient.

There is some evidence that CAM treatments can relieve some symptoms of HIV or AIDS.

However, there is little to no evidence that these treatments can treat or cure these conditions.

1. Meditation and other forms of relaxation treatment help reduce anxiety which improves the ability to cope with the stress of a chronic illness such as HIV.

2. A brief course of certain herbs will support immunity in people with HIV. There isn’t enough evidence that these drugs relieve HIV symptoms.

3. People also resort to supplements. Calcium and vitamin D supplements improve bone health.

4. Fish oil helps reduce and keep cholesterol in check.

5. Selenium slows the progression of HIV.

6. Vitamin B-12 improves the health of pregnant women and their pregnancies.

7. Whey and soy protein will help with weight gain.