8 questions the 2022 Midterm elections will answer

8 questions the 2022 Midterm elections will answer

On November 8, millions of voters cast their vote to decide the control of Congress and state houses, among other institutions.

1. A question this midterm election will answer is if the recession and inflation are "simply" due to economy.

2. Is there any running away from an unpopular president? Polls say President Biden is very unpopular right now.

3. How much value does Donald Trump hold in the electoral diaspora?

4. The importance of abortion as a political motivator in different states will be answered.

5. Voters will certainly look forward to getting an answer to the accuracy of the polls.

6. Does the quality of a candidate matter? Voters vote depending on the value of their preferred candidate.

7. Are Latino voters really shifting right? This comes after Republican improvements among Latino voters in 2020.

8. Lastly, do voters really care about the threats to democracy?