7 gifts for people dealing with isolation

7 gifts for people dealing with isolation

Social isolation is difficult for most of us. Even the most introverted of introverts struggle with being cut off from the outside world.

This seems especially true for many people who are immuno-compromised due to an illness.

Here are 7 gifts that are perfect for people living with chronic illness who have had to remain isolated.

1. Photo string lights come with pegs so that all good memories and photos can be clipped to them easily.

2.If you’re not one for light-up photos, buy a personalized photo frame instead.

3. Who wouldn't appreciate a self-care kit with a candle, face mask and some chocolate.

4. A ‘Why I Love You’ journal will allow you to write different things about your person on each page.

5. Remind your loved ones how much you love and miss them every morning with a personalized coffee mug.

6. Give them a body pillow something they can snuggle into when they are feeling low.

7. A new plant friend or two, as a reminder that we’re all still living and growing