6 must-watch movies about money and finance

6 must-watch movies about money and finance

‘The Big Short’ (2015)

A hedge fund manager predicts the future of the US housing market. The movie stars Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013)

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort whose wealthy stockbroker luxury life ends in corruption, scandal and fraud.

‘Margin Call’ (2011)

A senior risk analyst has only 24 hours to save his company, a large investment bank, from financial disaster.

‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ (2007)

A salesman invests his life savings in a shady deal and goes broke. Will Smith turns his life around in an inspiring story.

'The Banker' (2020)

Two African-American entrepreneurs hire a white middle-class man to run their business empire while they pose as a janitor and chauffeur.

'Trading Places' (1983)

A homeless man, played by Eddie Murphy, switches lives with a super-wealthy man who works at a brokerage firm.