6 best facts about the new Sonic Frontiers game

6 best facts about the new Sonic Frontiers game

The new Sonic Frontiers game is here.

It is an interesting and refreshing open-world game featuring Sonic the hedgehog and friends.

Sonic the hedgehog and friends crash into some mysterious islands that are full of ancient ruins.

Here are some fun facts about the game you didn't know.

1. The main game flow has Sonic exploring places for challenges.

2. The challenges include mini-puzzles that unlock a small chunk of the map, some guide rails and currencies.

3. The game has portal gears which are dropped from enemies both big and small.

4. Entering a portal takes you to cyberspace.

It’s a more traditional Sonic type of gameplay, where you have to complete linear runs across a variety of landscapes.

5. Each portal tends to have a bunch of requirements, each of which awards a vault key.

6. Once you get enough vault keys, you can unlock the chaos emeralds that allow you to take on the Titans of each area.

There’s also a lot to unpack in this game, so it's advisable to go with the high-speed flow.

Sonic Frontiers costs $59.99 across all platforms.