NAICS code: 621900

We all know that being on call and dealing with high-stress situations all day is exhausting while working as an emergency medical technician. Our team doesn’t blame you if you want to think about your taxes, the last thing you want to do when you get home.

‍You may not be aware that contracts EMTs can save money on taxes! You can reduce your tax bill by simply deducting the business expenses you incur on the job every day.

To add another hectic task such as tax filing means adding more than they can handle to their workload. That’s why we are here to provide you with all the tax write-offs you can prepare beforehand and use to save money on your tax returns. This will ease the burden a little and you will be able to manage your stress while lowering your tax payment.

We have put together a list of the most common write-offs for contract EMTs that you can use to deduct your expenses.

🩺 Medical supplies

Write it off using: Schedule C, Box 22

There are many medical supplies that can be written off, including stethoscopes, personal protective equipment, and more.

😷 Hand sanitizer & masks

Write it off using: Schedule C, Box 22

Workplace hand sanitizers and face masks are tax-deductible.

👕 Dress uniforms

Write it off using: Schedule C, Box 27a

Tax-deductible uniforms include any that you are required to wear on the job.

🧺 Uniform dry cleaning

Write it off using: Schedule C, Box 27a

Your uniform can be written off if it needs to be dry-cleaned professionally.

📃 Licensing fees

Write it off using: Schedule C, Box 23

It is tax deductible to pay fees associated with getting or renewing a license.