28 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Moving And Hauling Companies

NAICS code: 562000 As a mover and hauler, you know that if you are going to move large amounts of stuff, you need to keep a sense of balance. There are many times when movers do their taxes, but they fail to take the balance into account when they do so. This is why we […]

24 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Pressure Washer Owner

NAICS code: 561790 If you run a pressure washing business, it’s safe to assume that you have already spent a fortune on heavy machinery and equipment. This machinery includes a hot water unit and a high-pressure washer. You must also have a van with your own money to transport this equipment from one place to […]

22 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Ironworkers

NAICS code: 332000 It must be a laborious and hectic job to manufacture and shape iron. You will often have to work at dangerous sites and you have to balance yourself a lot. You come back home tired with no energy left to do your taxes. Here is something that will relieve your stress. Did […]

23 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Janitors And Custodians

NAICS code: 561720 Cleanliness is next to godliness. Nobody else understands this as much as a janitor or a custodian. But as a janitor, have you ever taken the time out to clean and polish your taxes to save some money? Probably not. You may think it’s a time-consuming job but it’s truly worth it […]

22 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Medical Billers And Coders

NAICS code: 541219 As a medical biller, you are well aware of how to calculate people’s bills and you know that people don’t like paying extra. Now, think about all the times you paid extra in your tax returns when you could have saved some money by using tax write-offs. All you have to do is […]

26 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Caterers

NAICS code: 722300 It’s an exciting and rewarding job to work as a caterer and feed people. You need to have the knack to pull off the perfect event where the highlight is your food. You must have a keen eye for detail thanks to all the food presentations you have done over the years. […]

24 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Computer Repair Technicians

NAICS code: 811210 We can only imagine how exhausting it must be to repair and troubleshoot your client’s computers. What’s even more exhausting is doing your taxes and finding out you’ve been overpaying your taxes when tax write-offs can significantly reduce your tax bills. We have put together a list of the most common write-offs […]

25 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for HVAC Technicians

NAICS code: 238220 As an HVAC technician, your job is to repair, replace, install, maintain, and service other people’s air conditioners, heating vents, and other related systems. While you are a pro at fixing things for others, you may be having a hard time fixing your tax returns. It’s no wonder why your tax filing […]

21 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Railroad Contractors

NAICS code: 811310 It can be quite stressful to learn how to file your taxes as a railroad contractor. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution to make the road ahead a little easier to navigate: a list of write-offs that railroad workers are typically eligible to claim. If you keep track of the money you […]

21 Tax Write-Offs/Deductions for Lifeguards

NAICS code: 713900 There’s nothing better than spending an entire day at the beach or pool with sun, sand, and surf. Spending all day by the water can tend to incur a lot of expenses, so why not save money at tax time by deducting those expenses? In your capacity as an independent contractor, you are […]